Mitur entrega identificaciones “Tu Card” a más de 130 guías turísticos

The Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) delivered more than 130 «Tu Card» identifications with QR code to tourist guides in the country, contributing to the modernization and strengthening of the security received by the entire value chain of the tourism industry.

The delivery of the certifications was headed by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, accompanied by the president of Inverhotel, Ramón Roselló and Rafael Blanco Tejera, president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism (Asonahores).

Collado made the symbolic delivery of the new cards to 15 members of the Dominican Federation of Tourist Guides in a ceremony held at the Lina Barceló Santo Domingo hotel.

«In addition to working for the recovery of the tourism industry, we have also thought about human capital, which is the main strength of tourism in the Dominican Republic,» said Collado.

The head of Mitur said that «the renewed cards, which will contain a QR code, will be the proof that with just a cell phone in hand, the inspector can verify that it is a real tourist guide».

He thanked the tourist guides for the work and commitment they have shown in their contribution to the recovery of tourism, saying that they are the true ambassadors of the country for having the best approach with vacationers.

He affirmed that during the pandemic they have not only concentrated on the recovery of the tourism industry but «we have been concerned and thinking about the human capital which is the main strength of the country’s tourism.

With the delivery of the certification, each tourist guide will provide digitally their basic personal data, work history and studies of their license to each consumer who requires their services.

By means of this certification, the validity and information of the tourist guide can be recognized through the QR Code, which can be scanned from mobile devices.

During the ceremony, the Union of Tourist Guides of Santo Domingo presented a plaque of recognition to Minister David Collado for his hard work for the recovery of the tourism sector and teamwork to ensure the incorporation of all value chains.

Prior to the presentation of certificates and ID cards, the more than 130 guides who received their badges participated in the conference «Cultural Tourism in the Dominican Republic and its Development Prospects», given by Bolívar Troncoso in classroom mode.

During the event, Technical Vice Minister Jacqueline Mora told the guides that the design of the renewed document «was made by yourselves in the way you wanted it through consensus».

She emphasized that of the 1,800 tourist guides working throughout the country, 900 are ready to work with all the pride and effort that characterizes them during this high season».

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